Whiteshell Industries - Profile

Whiteshell Industries is a registered proprietorship firm in Kerala with the reputation of the only exclusive manufacturer of uPVC structures for home interiors. Since its inception back in 2002, it recorded a steady growth with four branches in Cochin (Vytila, Edappally and Koonammavu) and Kannur.

We are the first in importing uPVC boards to India and the first in India to work on the same to manufacture furniture and accessories. We have service points all over in Kerala from Kasargode to Thiruvananthapuram and now in Bangalore too which ensure uninterrupted, prompt and quality service to our clients.

Our Products & Services

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Crockery Shelves
  • Book Shelves
  • Bathroom Shelves & Accessories
  • Cabinets
  • Show cases

Our Specialties

  1. Great knowledge in uPVC;
  2. Well qualified, well trained and well experienced work force of 120 men.
  3. Fully equipped manufacturing centers
  4. Latest technology
  5. State-of-the art machineries
  6. Own transportation facility with driver

The Whiteshell Commitment

We are committed for a different work culture altogether. We never give false promises at any point of time, prior to the commencement or during the work. We believe in the satisfaction and happiness of the customer and of course, the same with us as well. The never-broken commitments are ....

We are punctual - We never give a promise, that we do not want to keep. We value the time of both you and us. So, once promised to meet you at a time, we never fail to do so and once promised to finish the work in time, we never fail to do so.

We are professional - Our men are well trained and use the latest technology and the best machinery to do your job. They very well know the industrial dos and don'ts that are to be followed while working. We always keep ourselves updated and this fetches perfection in our work.

We are cordial - Unlike many others, we are committed to keep the warmth of relationships with our clients. Form the top management to the laymen of our team are happy to speak to the customer in a much hearty way.

We are disciplined - You can not see any of our men doing an unnecessary thing during work. We never peep into others' affairs. There is no place unnecessary talks as well. Our staff starts and stops the work in time.

We do not use tobacco & alcohol - This is a strange behavior among the workers that not to use tobacco during working! This is our promise that none of our team members would use tobacco or alcohol during the installation at customer sites.

We are neat & tidy - We never leave the work site scattered and littered. Our team always clean the installation site and remove wastes from the site before leaving the place.

We have an INSTRUCTION MANUAL- We have a unique instruction manual that our workers should strictly follow. A copy f this is give to the customer also so that he also can monitor whether these instruction are followed or not. Any violation of them can be reported immediately and an immediate action is guaranteed.