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White Shell The Evolution of Interiors

This website is a noble step from Whiteshell Industries, a pioneer in uPVC works in Kerala for the last one decade. We aim to introduce ourselves to the cyber world as an ethical company in the uPVC manufacturing sector. Another scope of this venture is to educate people about uPVC material and its uses. With the vast and deep experience on different aspects of this material and its usages, we believe that we are the best to do this in Kerala. elieve that we are the best to do this in Kerala.

We hope this website reflects our professional excellence, theoretical knowledge and work commitment that we used as the ladder steps towards our growth and success.

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You are supporting nature
conservation by using UPVC
We, at Whiteshell are committed to avoid tobacco and alcohol at work sites. This is only one of the many principles we follow within our team. We have a unique instruction manual for our workers and a copy of which is given to the customer .......
Is UPVC Environment Friendly?
uPVC is environment friendly in the way that it prevents excess energy loss and it lessens deforesation because of its long continuance of more than 500 years. Also, it produces less wastes when compared to other similar materials used for the same purposes.
Contact Details
33/1175 A , Kumbalappally Road,
Chalikkavattom, Vytilla, Kochi - 682028
Phone : +91 9846034440
Office : +91 9388616632
Email : whiteshellinterio@gmail.com